Mennonite farm Liberty Ridge human trafficked and abused boys, lawsuit says – The Washington Post

Two men are suing Liberty Ridge Farm in McAlisterville, Pa., alleging they were forced into performing free labor and were physically and emotionally abused. (Google Earth)


Since at least 2011, parents of Mennonite boys and young men sent their sons to Liberty Ridge Farm in McAlisterville, Pa., where they would receive spiritual guidance, structure and a “closely supervised homelike setting,” according to court documents. Parents were told their sons would leave reformed members of the Eastern Pennsylvania Mennonite Church.

Buttwo former Liberty Ridge residents claim the facility was abusive. In a lawsuit filed against the farm and the church on Nov. 17 in federal court, the men allege the farm used them in a human-trafficking plot, where boys were subjected to forced labor with no compensation while being physically and emotionally tormented and deprived of food and education.

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