Ways to Show Your Support:

If you are a VICTIM looking for support, there are several resources available. Do not delay contacting law enforcement and visiting a hospital emergency room. Whether you are a victim or know a potential victim there are several resources. Start with one of the telephone hotlines available:

This site focuses especially on changing legislation to stop child abuse of all kinds, especially child sexual abuse. Those who have been victims of abuse in the past often continue to work through the process of healing for many years. Helping oneself is a first step for helping others. An excellent way for a victim to promote healing in themselves is to become active in helping others.

We welcome anyone and everyone to join in support of this cause!

  1. SPEAK UP!
    • Make your voice heard.
    • Be Alert.
    • Report abuse.
    • Change the culture.
  2. VOLUNTEER to help in a variety of ways.
    • Learn the issues and speak about the solutions, with family, friends, co-workers, and your representatives.
      • Use form below to request announcements of specific lobbying efforts in Sacramento on behalf of child abuse victims. Sample announcement here.
    • Volunteer your skills.  Contribute articles, do research, editing, photography, graphic design, make you-tube videos, post on social media.
    • See the Grand Jury page for ideas about initiating action against institutions guilty of systemic abuse.
    • Learn about how laws are made, Learn how a nonprofit organization can build a grassroots movement. Suggested Reading: “The Lobbying and Advocacy Handbook for nonprofit Organizations” and “Advocacy For Social Justice A Global Action And Reflection Guide.”
  3. DONATE.  We are a lobbying non-profit corporation, so contributions are not tax deductible.  Donations will be used for expenses and not salaries.  At present the donations will be used for legal advice and local transportation costs (i.e., commuting to State capitols, parking).  Any specific need for donations will be described in the future. The address and form is below, for contacting us about donations or any other issue.
  4. CONTACT our organization by sending an email or writing to the address below:


P.O. Box 944
Oakley, CA 94561

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