Welcome to SCAARS

SCAARS is a non-profit corporation which seeks to improve the laws pertaining to child abuse, mandatory reporting, the applicable statutes of limitations, as well as court outcomes in the judicial process.

SCAARS is the result of determined individuals who have dedicated their time to reforming policies which place children in danger. Whether due to religious indoctrination or institutional policies which endanger children, our goal is to make our world a safer place for children.

Changing Laws – Changing Lives

We believe a diverse coalition of organizations and individuals can be united. “Changing Laws – Changing Lives” is a realistic purpose. We do not seek to compete with existing groups who have passionately worked for years in this effort.  SCAARS will support and continue to learn from them.

SCAARS is optimistic that a grassroots movement will promote solutions. As more people comprehend the issues, their passion will grow in support of remedies. The saying, “Half of the solution to a problem is knowing what the problem is,” will factor into the growth of our grassroots activism. Exponential growth occurs when each individual shares knowledge with others.

Reporting abuse is the key to prevention and the beginning of healing.

Child abuse spreads to new victims when the perpetrator is not reported to the authorities.  Our website provides practical information to assist understanding why child abuse is hidden from the authorities.  Why do parents cooperate with an institution’s influence not to report the criminal act of child abuse? How is it possible that parents, by not reporting years of abuse of their children, deny their loved ones the means to deal with the trauma resulting from child sex abuse? We seek to enlighten a grassroots movement.

Mandatory reporting, education, background checks, providing “child safe institutions,” and statutes of limitations are areas in which laws need to be improved.  Culture change is a necessary step to the solution. SCAARS recognizes that “Changing Laws, Changing Lives” and “Culture Change” are long-term transformations.

With its 501(c)(4) tax status, SCAARS can accept non-deductible contributions to lobby state legislatures nationwide, as well as governors and Congress, to enact needed reforms and improvements. We are building a team of attorneys and paralegals to work with staff members and legislative offices around the country and the world to refine language and prepare court cases to effect needed change. We welcome your participation and support.

You are welcome to use this brochure to help spread our message:



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